The Age of Simorgh

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The Age of Simorgh

Machine-assisted collective decision making that minimizes human supervision, signals the dawn of the age of Simorgh: the age of humans merging with their technology to create larger and more complex entities. We are currently observing the emergence of an early Simorgh who is learning to make decisions on its own using a combination of humans and machines. What are the possible outcomes, and what are the choices for individual humans?

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Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                                                                                           1
Chapter 1: Stages of Complexity                                                                                                        7
Chapter 2: Civilization, Culture, and Government                                                                         15
Chapter 3: International Disputes and War                                                                                    31
Chapter 4: Intelligence Centers and the Control of Human Society                                           41
Chapter 5: History of Human Communication and Interconnectedness                                  57
Chapter 6: Information and Truth                                                                                                    67
Chapter 7: Automation, Robotics, and Augmented Reality                                                          87
Chapter 8: Augmented Humans: Bionics, Artificial Intelligence, and Gene Editing                  99
Chapter 9: Large-Scale Regulating Systems                                                                                  111
Chapter 10: Past and Future of Jobs                                                                                              129
Chapter 11: Specialization, Equality, and Personal Autonomy                                                  175
Chapter 12: Simorgh: Its Identity, Control, and Thought Patterns                                            183
Chapter 13: Simorgh’s Nodes and Unincorporated Humans                                                     211
Chapter 14: Multiplicity of Simorghs                                                                                              229
Chapter 15: Lifespan and Procreation                                                                                           239
Chapter 16: SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)                                                         253
Chapter 17: Opportunities and Threats 263 Conclusion                                                            269
Appendix A: The Legend of Simorgh                                                                                              273
Appendix B: Large Numbers                                                                                                           279
Appendix C: Scales and Layers of Reality                                                                                      283
Appendix D: Saturation of Growth                                                                                                 285
Bibliography                                                                                                                                       291

Amazon Best Selling Book

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Amazon Best Selling Book

How will Advance Technology Transform Human Society?

M. Riaziat

As science and technology rapidly permeate our lives, dystopian outlooks on the future plague the imaginations and concerns of many. However, a technological dystopian society may not be what lies ahead.
Closely tied together, the evolution of humankind and machine-assistance is gearing up for the merging of both and the formation of a new entity: a Sovereign IntelliMatic ORGanization of Humans, otherwise known as a SIMORGH.
Most people will not be a part of Simorgh. Some will choose not to participate, while many others will be unable to do so. This book investigates the possibilities and potential outcomes.

Points to Ponder

  • Automation of manufacturing created more jobs than it replaced. Automation of services does not.
  •  It is preferable to be governed by algorithms rather than humans. Algorithms are less prone to corruption, favoritism, and fatigue.
  • One person one vote was implemented for practicality, but it is not best for society. Votes should be weighed in favor of people who care about the subject and take the effort to learn about it. Technology now makes this possible.
  • Some people will keep up with AI and will use it to their advantage. Most others won’t. Those who do will jointly form Simorgh. Those who don't, will be like "bacteria" who live within and around Simorgh. There is nothing to be concerned about except the potential militarization of AI.
  • Humans need to improve through AR, genetic engineering, and BCI to stay involved. Most people will opt out or not have the opportunity to join.
  • Highly trained and specialized people will initially be Simorgh’s undifferentiated cells. Differentiation follows, with genetic and external enhancements.
  •  Human reproduction will be on an as needed basis.
  • A certain “eusociality” may emerge in the form of a limited number of “safe” and accepted DNA templates to be used in reproduction.
  • We encounter a slippery slope when we try to define morality for any AI system that is in control of a military force.


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